Lung Cancer Awareness Month is a great time to support the fight against the deadliest cancer worldwide. There are a variety of events this November to support lung cancer organizations that help fund treatment, support recovering survivors and family members as well asthe doctors and scientists searching for a cure.

While fundraising walks are the most popular way organizations raise money, there are options for everything from runs to luncheons to galas to yoga to golf. Here are our top picks for Lung Cancer Awareness Month events:

1. Lung Force

Lung Force is an organization that operates under the American Lung Association—the nation’s leading lung health advocacy group. Lung Force supports women who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. There mission is inspired by statistics showing that, in recent years, lung cancer cases have fallen 35% among men but increased 87% among women. Additionally, only 3% of women list lung cancer prevention as a top health priority, despite being the most deadly cancer for women.

Lung Force aims to educate women about the dangers of this disease and the benefits of behavioral changes and screenings. . Lung Force offers many November events in major cities such as Atlanta, Albuquerque, Harrisburg, Phoenix and more. Check their website for charity, walks, runs and educational expos near you this November.

2. Go2 Foundation for Lung Cancer

Go2 is an alliance for survivors and their family members which  will be doing several special educational workshops and support groups in hospitals across the country for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. They offer free informational resources to anyone at any stage of lung cancer or recovery. Find a list of events and participating locations on their website.

3. Lungevity

Lungevity is the largest lung cancer research funding non-profit organization in the world. Their Breathe Deep fun run series in November are 5ks that can be walked, jogged or run to raise money for lung cancer research. Lungevity is sometimes supported by major marathons, such as the TCS New York City Marathon Nov 3.

They also do a series of “Lunch and Learn” events where lung cancer patients and survivors can learn what resources are available to them. Check their website for local events near you.

4. CancerCare

Cancer Care’s mission is to offer free resources for people with lung cancer. As an incredibly expensive disease to treat, lung cancer patients can be daunted by the costs of care. Patients often need all the support they can get to have one less thing to worry about during a difficult time.

Cancer Care offers walks, galas, and golf events to help ease the financial burden of living with cancer year-round, mostly in the U.S. Northeast. See their events page to find out what they have coming up.

5. Lung Cancer Research Foundation

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation does lung cancer research walks in many cities across the U.S. and encourages participants to start their own local walks. Though they are based out of New York City and Madison, WI, most of their educational events take place in those cities, their fundraisers for cutting-edge medical treatments for lung cancer can be organized anywhere.

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation also does a special event called Free to Breathe Yoga which is a group yoga event that focuses on mindful breathing and raises money for lung cancer research. It’s a regular event in Baltimore, MD and Madison, WI, and the organization can help you set up a local chapter as well.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month this November is a great time to support the people diagnosed with the disease receive the best care possible and the scientists searching for better screening and treatment tools. However you choose to show your support, be sure to look out for your own lungs by not smoking, exercising regularly and being mindful of outdoor air quality where you live. See our quiz on exercises for improved lung health for more information.