New Year’s Day has come and gone and many people are flocking to gyms, pulling out their calorie counters, and searching the web for every article on the latest health fad. While most people who make resolutions for 2019 have the best intentions, a fair amount lose steam within a few weeks. Information overwhelm, lack of accountability, and feeling ashamed that one isn’t reaching his/her goals fast enough can increase resistance and hijack the best laid plans. That’s why we’ve collected our favorite tips for helping you reach your goals in fitness, food, flexibility. Whatever resolutions for 2019 you’ve made, you’ll be well prepared for the resolution revolution!

First, if creating a workout habit that lasts all year is on your resolution list, linking your new fitness activity with an established habit is a great way to get ahead of the game. For example, doing 10 push-ups each morning before drinking your coffee is a quick and easy way to get in some movement—and wake you up! Begin your new fitness routine at a moderate level—so you’ll feel challenged and see results without increasing risk of injury and “workout dread.” And choosing workouts you enjoy—such as trail running or cycling if you crave solitude or dance classes if you like being social—can keep you inspired to show up day in and day out. Make serious gains in your fitness knowledge by taking our featured quiz.

If eating healthier is one of your resolutions for 2019, you can increase your chances of success by planning meals ahead of time. Choose foods that meet—but don’t exceed—your daily caloric intake needs as well as increase nutritional variety. Reduce boredom and spice up your usual menu by buying a different vegetable, grain, or legume from the grocery store and experimenting with new recipes. And cooking food in batches and freezing/refrigerating them on Sunday can ensure you have healthy meals available throughout the week. For more healthy food for thought, take our featured quiz.

Finally, if increasing your flexibility is part of your resolution revolution, you can keep success within reach by making flexibility training a part of your regular workouts. Start each workout with a 5 minute dynamic stretching routine—which uses compound movements to increase blood flow, mobility, and range of motion, lowering injury risk. If you’re pressed for time, you can take a 5 minute break every hour and do some static stretching at the office. Or if you are home watching Netflix, use that time to do some foam rolling—which helps break down myofascial adhesions that restrict movement. Stretch your knowledge even more by taking our featured quiz.

So whether your resolutions for 2019 include goals related to fitness, food, or flexibility (or all 3!), Health IQ is here to inform and inspire you to help you carry your resolution revolution through 2019 and into the next decade.

At Health IQ we’ve created and are consistently refining an engaging, self-driven health literacy platform that can support ongoing inspiration in your health journey. For more tips on resolution success, read our blog post on SMART goals.


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