I’m Munjal, the founder of Health IQ, and my team and I have worked for years to celebrate the health conscious with financial rewards.

The journey began for me in 2010, when I got chest pains and ended up in the ER while running a 10K race. I was only 37 at the time, but knew my father had his first heart attack at 45. Over the next few years, I lost 40 pounds, changed my diet, and ran 3 marathons.

Through it all, I realized that being health conscious was really hard work, and that the health conscious are the unsung heroes in society.  I began to wonder if we could improve the health of the world by financially celebrating the health conscious instead of harassing those who were not.  It seemed like a simple, powerful idea, yet one that hadn’t been done.  So we started Health IQ in 2013.

Our Team and Their Health Journeys 

Soon after we started in 2013, a wonderful group of people joined our mission.  Each one of them embarked on their own journey to improve their health; each one of them was touched by a health challenge in their own life or life of a family member.   That’s what makes them special.  Combined they’ve lost a total of 800 lbs – and they deserve to be celebrated.

Below is a small sampling of their progress.

Dominic Miller, lost 160 lbs

Gaurav Suri, lost 40 lbs

Brett Cooper, lost 120 lbs

Chander Sudanthi, lost 40 lbs

Jeremy Kilgore, lost 30 lbs

Health Conscious People Deserve Rewards

We believe health conscious people – people like our team members – deserve to be celebrated.  That’s why we’ve spent years gathering science and data to convince insurance companies that health conscious people deserve lower rates.  This includes our own research, as well as public research showing health conscious people had lower mortality.

Many insurance companies were initially not receptive, but eventually we found some great innovative partners who believed in our data. Today we have helped tens of thousands of people secure billions in insurance coverage.