Medicare dental: Do Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement Insurance plans cover dental?

No, generally Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans don’t cover dental for the most part. Plans for these services need to be purchased under separate insurance in most cases.

Medicare vision: Do Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans cover vision?

No, generally Original Medicare and Medicare supplement plans don’t cover vision, vision exams or equipment like eyeglasses, frames and contacts. You will be responsible for 100% of those costs. 

However, in some cases it will cover certain types of diagnostic and preventative vision screenings if they are related to other conditions that are covered, such as glaucoma or diabetes. Surgeries such as cataract surgery will generally be covered under Medicare Part B, including corrective lenses required after undergoing this surgery.

Medicare hearing: Do Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement Insurance plans cover hearing?

No, generally Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans don’t cover hearing exams or hearing aids. Someone without additional insurance purchased outside of Medicare will be responsible for 100% of the cost of these tests and equipment.

What kinds of plans can offer these services alongside Medicare?

Generally people who are on Medicare for most of their health care but require dental, vision and hearing through separate plans administered by private insurance companies. These plans are specific to seniors—people over 65—in that they focus on coverage of care more often needed by this age group, but they are mostly the same as buying standard dental, vision, or hearing plans.

There may be other special plans for people who qualify for Medicare for reasons other than age, but these will vary based on your location.

Are Medicare dental, vision and hearing services covered if they are received in hospital?

Generally yes, Medicare will cover all treatment received while staying at the hospital. This includes any dental, vision, or hearing care, as long as it is considered medically necessary.

Does Medicare cover LASIK eye surgery?

No, Medicare does not cover LASIK eye surgery because it is considered to be an elective procedure. Medicare Advantage plans will sometimes cover this surgery, but not always.

Are dental vision, and hearing covered under Medicare Advantage?

There are quite a few Medicare Advantage plans that bundle in some or all of these services. It depends on the specific plan you purchase, so be sure to research what exact aspects of these types of care your plan covers. Medicare Advantage plans will often offer.

Is it more cost-effective to buy Medicare Advantage or Medicare with another private plan for these services?

This depends on your specific needs and what is available on the market at the time. Medicare Advantage packages with dental, vision and hearing are often more cost-effective than the total cost of buying into Original Medicare and adding on some of these services as private plans, but it depends on the specific situation.

Certain Medicare Advantage plans will be tailored to patients with specific chronic conditions and may offer discounted rates for coverage of dental, vision or hearing associated with this specific illness. Otherwise, the best way to compare costs is to look at a Medicare Advantage plan with the coverage you want alongside the cost of purchasing your preferred Medicare plan plus whatever private dental, vision or hearing plan you need.