You’re generally a health conscious person. You eat well, go running and maybe even do strength training. But do you know the best way to lift weights to fight anxiety? Or that a rainy jog might give you a metabolic boost? How about bacon…that’s healthier? Here’s this week’s “What Do I Need To Know” based on the latest research.

Is Weightlifting Better Than a Martini?

Research on weightlifting and strength training suggest that one 15 minute session of weightlifting can almost immediately produce a calmer mood, and over the long term can help manage stress and decrease chronic anxiety. With stress management as a huge risk factor for disease in our society, strength training can be the anti-anxiety cure many of us are looking for. Some tips to increase anti-anxiety effects with a weightlifting session include adding longer rest period between sets and opting for light weights with high reps on days you feel stressed.

Can Working Out In The Rain Make You Fitter?

Can those April showers bring May…fitness? According to recent research, workouts that mimicked rainy conditions led to increased muscle activation as well as boosted metabolism and improved overall oxygen consumption—which can keep you going further and faster! So you’ve got no more excuses to put on that rain slicker, lace up those waterproof sneakers, and hit the rainy day trails. For more ways wet workouts can be great check out our quiz on rainy day fitness.

Is There A Better Way To Make Bacon?

Yes, but nitro-free bacon is not cheap. Curing red meats like bacon, prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, and some sausages the old-fashioned way can be done with salt and smoke but it takes weeks, so companies prefer the cheaper method of curing with nitro compounds like nitrates and nitrites. Unfortunately these are known carcinogens, so eat those bright pink and red cured meats sparingly. Fortunately a few specialty shops are beginning to revert to the old methods—the meat might not look as brightly red/pink-colored, but this is actually a sign it’s much safer.